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it's really nice game. Yeah.. I know know graphic style is not enough good and based on few placeholders. You should improve it - Add more and better sprites, backgrounds and CGs and better fonts, menus, interface... 

Plot is nice and needs only a few  little amendments. And game has few other advantages too: like three interesting datable characters (each with own happy ending and story), a lot of meaningful choices, a lot of funny moments. :D . This game diserves the better (and expanded) version

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Update on the status of the game; I'm going to redo a lot of it, but I want to do a smaller game first, as a bit of a freshener. As well as to gain more experience in making games that don't have a time limit of one month. I still plan on making a final version of this. :)

Do you know when the final version will be released?


I'm taking a break right now, before I resume work on a different project. I'll likely still plug away at this, but right now it's an up in the air "I'll work on it when I feel like it/when a bug is pointed out" kind of thing. I'm just trying not to think about it too much after that marathon of production.


This game had me sold by the short description, but after reading the page, I am super excited to get playing. Can't wait to see what's going to happen and I'll mention any bugs or feedback!

- Yami



Yeah. SunVulpine. I really like what you made. And you. In a non-creepy, random internet person that's actually really awkward but I'm trying not to be awkward I swear.

Uh. Yeah. Really enjoyed it! You've already mentioned what it's missing so I don't need to go there. And Mari is awesome. Thanks for including her.