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Chimera Resort is my entry to the 2016 NaNoRenO game jam, where you have to create a visual novel within a month (and change). As such, the game is on the unpolished side, though it is a completely playable experience. It's a beta release, meaning that there are some missing assets and there isn't a real character expression sheet yet (I didn't have the time, I submitted this a quarter of an hour before the game jam was over and it's a miracle I even got it to this point in the first place!)

The game itself is a monstergirl dating sim. You play as a Kitsune named Aylura Alvara, and get to date your choice of a catgirl, a dragongirl, and a googirl. (I would have done more but this was the only way to get the game done in a reasonable time). I use swear words sometimes (Though only where I feel appropriate), so if you're sensitive to that then you're forewarned. There are some scenes that get rather steamy, but I never go into full detail (So you're spared, there!). They get close though, and they talk about what happens even if they talk around it. So you're forewarned there too. It's not R-18, though it's freely chatty enough to where it might at least be an M, whatever that might or might not mean to you. Basically, it's unapologetically trashy, but self aware about it.

It's also important to note that the text is a first draft. There wasn't any time for a second, so while it's not a shield from criticism and I don't intend it to be, it should at the very least explain a variable degree of quality in the work.

I was also unable to include sprite animations or varied expressions, and since I started coding this four hours before the deadline (as the week before it, I was so busy making a mountain of assets), I couldn't make the game more variable in terms of what you're presented with on screen. So some scenes (Okay, a fair few) are going to feel a little motionless visually, which is something that I'm aware of, but that's one of the sacrifices you gotta make regarding a story and asset heavy game made in a little over a month by one person.

So, the final tally: 30,000 words, 8 pieces of original music, four backgrounds (Would have wanted more, but I ran out of time) and five character sprites (not counting three that were scrapped due to quality issues). Oh yeah, and all of this was done by me. So I had a lot to do, which is why it isn't as polished as some other games out there in the same game jam with more than one person contributing. I also wanted to put in some CG's, but there wasn't any time (I probably sound like a broken record now). So it feels a little bare bones in that respect.

I also wish I'd had more time to refine the character designs and the scale of the designs in relation to one another, as I'm used to making singular pieces, not things that are meant to stand together.

As this is basically a beta (and rushed to meet a deadline, though that does not preclude bug testing), please report any bugs you find!

Install instructions

If you can run Ren'Py games you can run this. Just extract the rar.


chimeraresort-1.0-all.zip 79 MB


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it's really nice game. Yeah.. I know know graphic style is not enough good and based on few placeholders. You should improve it - Add more and better sprites, backgrounds and CGs and better fonts, menus, interface... 

Plot is nice and needs only a few  little amendments. And game has few other advantages too: like three interesting datable characters (each with own happy ending and story), a lot of meaningful choices, a lot of funny moments. :D . This game diserves the better (and expanded) version

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Update on the status of the game; I'm going to redo a lot of it, but I want to do a smaller game first, as a bit of a freshener. As well as to gain more experience in making games that don't have a time limit of one month. I still plan on making a final version of this. :)

Do you know when the final version will be released?


I'm taking a break right now, before I resume work on a different project. I'll likely still plug away at this, but right now it's an up in the air "I'll work on it when I feel like it/when a bug is pointed out" kind of thing. I'm just trying not to think about it too much after that marathon of production.


This game had me sold by the short description, but after reading the page, I am super excited to get playing. Can't wait to see what's going to happen and I'll mention any bugs or feedback!

- Yami



Yeah. SunVulpine. I really like what you made. And you. In a non-creepy, random internet person that's actually really awkward but I'm trying not to be awkward I swear.

Uh. Yeah. Really enjoyed it! You've already mentioned what it's missing so I don't need to go there. And Mari is awesome. Thanks for including her.